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About Our Patterns

We offer high quality reproduction patterns that are printed on 8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17" white copy paper.


I have found the best way to use patterns made from paper is to cut them out first.  Then tape the patterns that need to be pieced together.  If you will be using the pieces several times, I have found that cutting them from a heavier weight facing or lining fabric (pellon) is best, thereby allowing you to use the pieces over and over.  Because many of the vintage patterns were “generic” and not made for any particular doll, I suggest you fit the pattern pieces to the doll first, before cutting any fabric. This is a good idea when using ANY pattern, as there were many variations made of dolls, with different measurements.


I have tried to make sure the patterns are complete and clear. If for some reason there is something you cannot read, please let me know, as I own the original patterns for each pattern I sell. Because some of the patterns are very old, the printing may not be clear on some, or the print is so faint that it is hard to read. Also, some of the original patterns were already cut and the previous seamstress wasn’t so kind in cutting them, so I have tried to draw in any lines that were missing.  So please let me know if I can be of any assistance in making your sewing experience an enjoyable one.


Many of the patterns are my own design and creation.  Permission is given to sell the completed outfits.  My patterns are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated by any means.

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