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We are proud to offer you our entire set of 15 patterns made specifically for the 36" Patti Playpal. Also included is a reproduction hang tag, exactly like she came with. Save money by purchasing the set. A $200 value.


Each pattern is complete with step by step directions. You will also receive a photo of the outfit, as shown.  You will also receive one dozen (12) Patti Playpal iron on decals.These will be presented in a three-ring binder, each with its own plastic sheet protector, so you can organize your Patti patterns; and it will be easy to add additional patterns later.


The Patti Playpal dolls were produced by the Ideal Toy Company in 1959. They were to represent the size of a 3 year old. 


Customers are given permission to sell completed outfits only (but not the copyrighted patterns).


15 Pattern Set with Tag

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