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The Classy Kid Collection has put together a new and revised sewing kit specifically made for dolls of any size. Included are several items that will assist in your doll clothing projects. We have added some great stuff in this revised kit and there are a limited number available.  A great value! Included in this kit are:


Pattern Size Chart - This is the perfect chart to have if you sew for modern or vintage dolls. Some of the measurements included are for chest, waist, hip, head, neck, arm length and foot. Most of the charts have measurements for the various size dolls (i.e., 17 and 23 inch Saucy Walkers). There are nearly 70 doll types listed! You will get eight pages of various dolls and one page that has blank charts for you to use for your own dolls that are not listed. You can copy this page at your will for as many as you need.


Woman's Day Patterns - A very unique set of patterns printed in 1956 by Woman's Day. This shows how you can make various sizes of doll clothing using the assembly-line method for selling at bazaars. The dolls featured are baby dolls (Betsy Wetsy, Tiny Tears, Dy-dee) in sizes 11", 13", 16" and 20"; miniature dolls (Ginny, Alexanderkins) in 7-1/2" to 8"; Girl Dolls (Toni, Betsy McCall, Sweet Sue, etc.) in sizes 14", 16", 19" and 21"; and Toddler Dolls (Saucy Walker, Bonnie Braids, etc.) in sizes 14", 17" and 23". There are 12 FULL SIZE PATTERNS in all! This is an invaluable item for anyone that sews for these popular dolls. It also states "Clothes will fit any doll of same general type 1/2" taller or shorter than sizes given."


Resizing Instructions - Detailed instructions on how to resize a pattern to fit any doll.


Washable Sewing Labels - One sheet of labels you personalize on your computer and sew into your outfits.  Each sheet has 40 regular size labels, or you can put two on each and have 80. Instructions included.


Tips and Tricks for Sewing Doll Clothes - Here is an informational guide I have put together to help those sewing doll clothing. Included are 30 tips for making the construction of these small garments easier. I have gathered shortcuts I've learned in my 30+ years of sewing for dolls.


Roll of Fusible Web Tape - We have been asked many times on where to locate this item. We just love, love, love it! It is used for applying delicate trims and lace with ease! You'll wonder how you ever did without it! 1/4" x 40 yards long - will last forever! Use instructions are included.


20 Small Buttons - We are including 50 of our multi-colored small buttons perfect for doll clothes!


1 Dozen Charms - Made with Love metal charms, great for either placing on your doll's arm or clothing when giving as gifts.


1/2 Dozen Satin Roses - Great for decorating doll clothes to add that special touch.


2 Doll Zippers - We are also including two small 2" zippers that we had especially made for us for doll clothes.  Colors may vary.


5 Yard of Lace - Included are 5 yards of small lace, perfect for doll clothing.


Fabric - Included is 1/2 yard of small print fabric, perfect for doll clothing. Prints and colors vary, depending on availability.


Doll Sewing Kit

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