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You will receive five (5) containers of our Dream Colour™ doll paint. 1 ounce each of beige flesh, rose flesh, and 1/4 ounce of red and coral for the lips. You will also receive 1 ounce of base to be mixed with any of the other colors to obtain the perfect shade. Included are four plastic containers with lids for mixing your custom colors.


I have found these four colors are all I need, when custom mixed with the base. Every doll is a different shade of either a rose or beige color. Even dolls of the same make, their color changes over time.


Lips are usually done in a red or coral tone, so both are included, and can be lightened with the base, if needed.


Also included are two sponges for the flesh colors; and an instruction sheet.


These paints are recommended for touch-ups on small areas. Also great for filling in crazing; just apply and wipe off, leaving the paint in the cracks making them less noticeable.

These paints are non-toxic and cleans up with water.

Dream Colour Paint Set

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