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Included are patterns for various outfits for The Littlechap Family. The Littlechap Family was produced by the Remco Company in the sixties. The family was comprised of Father Dr. John, Mother Lisa and two daughters, Judy, 17 and Libby, 10.


Dr. John Littlechap lives with his family in Lanesville. There he is a respected member of the Lanevilles County Medical Society. Dr. John is a former U.S. Army/Air Force Flight Surgeon. His greatest loves are his family and golf and he wishes he could find more time for both.


Lisa Littlechap is the elegant mother of the Littlechap family. Lisa is a former model, who gave up her career to stay at home to raise her daughters, Libby and Judy. Lisa is a fabulous cook and housekeeper. She is president of the P.T.A. and the best dressed woman in town


Judy is the big sister of the Littlechap Family. She is 17 years old. Judy attends Lanesville High School where she is and honor student in the senior class. Judy loves parties and crazy desserts!


Libby is the little sister of the Littlechap family. She is 10 years old and in Grade 5 at Lanesville Elementary School. Libby loves climbing trees and pestering her sister. She wants to be a doctor like her daddy.

Littlechap Family Patterns

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