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We have compiled a set of patterns made especially for the Sasha doll in a booklet format called All About Sasha! Volume I. Some are classic styles that she is known for, and some are our original designs.  Will fit other 16" modern slim dolls.  These are in PDF format and can be downloaded immediately after payment.  Patterns include:

* Gingham Dress
* Blue Dress
* Pink Dress
* Sailor Dress
* Overblouse
* Pants
* Red Jumper
* Shirt
* Bathing Suit
* Wrap
* Hat
* Slip
* T-Shirt
* Panties
* Tights

You will receive full size patterns complete with step-by-step instructions and color picture of each outfit. With minor adjustments, these can be made to fit other similar 16-17" slim dolls.

You are given permission to sell the completed outfits, but cannot duplicate the copyrighted material.

Doll, props and completed outfits not included.

PDF All About Sasha! Volume I

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