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This is a digital PDF file that you download.  The Classy Kid Collection is offering a clear, complete carefully duplicated copy of a vintage doll clothing pattern booklet made for several sizes of the Patsy family, including 9-1/2" Patsyette, 11-1/2" Patsy Jr., 13-1/2" Patsy, 16" Patsy Joan, and 22" Patsy Lou.

Over 24 full size patterns for all five dolls. Some of the clothing pieces include combinations, slips, petticoats, aprons, cape, hats, shoes and socks. Each size has their own style of clothing (not just resized of the same style, i.e, one has a pleated yoke dress, one has a dress with Peter Pan collar, one has a high waist dress with shaped collar and butterfly sleeves, and one has a high waist sleeveless dress.)

Pages and pages of sewing information using either "quick-made" or "well-made" techniques. "Quick-made" is duplicating factory piecework techniques authentic to late nineteen twenties and thirties doll clothing. "Well-made" utilized home dressmaking skills of their day.

A very unique booklet with LOTS of information and great patterns!

PDF Patsy Doll Family Pattern Booklet

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