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The Classy Kid Collection is proud to offer you a collection of custom doll clothing patterns designed specifically for the Bitty Bethany and Riley dolls. Will also fit other dolls this size. Due to requests, I am offering these on CD. This is a  compilation of all the patterns I've designed for both dolls.


Each pattern is complete with step by step directions, and includes sewing tips that I have acquired over the past 30 years, which are very helpful for sewing small doll clothes.


You will receive all nine (10) pattern sets for both dolls. You can view the individual completed outfits under items 270231350292,  280045271033, 280046564058 for Bitty Bethany; and 310086264668, 280046560769, 310062359624, 280046563049, Butterfly Fields for Riley, and 270213901000, 280109991473 for both Riley and Bethany.


The sets are:


Riley's Room  (13 outfits)

Bethany's Boutique (11 outfits)

Patriotic Riley  (four outfits)

Western Riley  (three outfits plus accessories)

Summer Fun Riley  (four outfits)

Bethany in Storyland (four costumes for Bethany)

Summer Fun Bethany (four outfits for Bethany)

Alice in Wonderland (two costumes, one each for Riley and Bethany)

Holiday (two dresses for Riley; two dresses for Bethany)

Butterfly Fields (one outfit for Riley)


Your Bitty Bethany and Riley will certainly be pleased with their new clothes!

Riley and Bethany Patterns on CD

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