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Due to many requests, I have resized the original Daisy patterns to fit the 11" Daiseyette and Bleuette dolls. Now your smaller dolls can dress like their big sister! These are included on a CD in PDF format.


The early part of the 20th century was the beginning of the advertising revolution. The Ladies Home Journal had been running Sheila Young’s paper doll pages of Lettie Lane and her family since October 1908. Lettie Lane had a doll named “Daisy”. Then someone at the Journal had a marvelous promotion idea. They would turn Lettie Lane’s paper dolly into a real doll using the “Daisy” doll as a premium for selling magazine subscriptions. 

For 3 subscriptions plus $4.50 you could order a Daisy doll. This campaign was a huge success. Originally 5,000 dolls were ordered which were made by the JD Kestner doll company in Germany. This doll was a Kestner 171 head with a composition body. Simon and Halbig also supplied dolls that are marked Heirich/Handwerck Germany 1. When the campaign was ended 26,000 dolls had been ordered and distributed.

In the January 1911 issue a note written by the editor said, “The Lettie Lane doll will come to life. It isn’t an easy matter to bring a doll to life and it takes a little time to do it. For it is going to be done in a way that no child will ever dream of it being done. So let every child be patient and just as soon as we can bring it about, the doll will come to life”. 

Finally in the March 1911 issue, Sheila Young, the paper doll artist, titled her page “Lettie Lane presents her most beautiful doll to every little Journal girl. “All about Daisy.” “Well, here she is at last, really come to life. She has been so long in paper in the Journal. Now she is ready as a real doll to go in the arms and heart of every little Journal girl. Lettie Lane says, “she is the most beautiful doll that she has and her name is “Daisy”. Wouldn’t you like to have her, a real Lettie Lane doll, a beautiful doll to play with just as Lettie Lane has?” 

These set of patterns were shown in the 1911 Ladies Home Journal with the promotion of Daisy the Doll that Came to Life, and printed by The Home Pattern Company. The advertisement states "Any little girl may now have the real daisy for her very own. Thousands of the dolls, fresh from the German villages where they are made, are now in the Journal's offices ready for immediate shipment." 

There were five such promotions altogether. This listing is for a copy of all five pattern sets.

Each pattern set includes a color copy of the paper doll page showing the outfits, a copy of the original cover sleeve and the pattern pieces for the outfits listed. Please note that the white undergarments shown in the first photo on the left (middle picture) is NOT included, as this was the outfit the doll came in, and is shown in every pattern set.

We are also including 26 patterns that were featured in the La Semaine De Suzette Magazine that were made specifically for the Bleuette doll. They are copies of the original, printed in French. They include:
Robe Brodee
Petite Robe a Volantis
Tablier De Ceremonie
Robe D'ete en Batiste ou Linon Avec Broderie Au Passe
Robe D'ete
Tablier Anglais
Robe de Deaux Etoffes Differentes
Robe a Panneaux Ouverts
Robe en Rubans
Robe Nouvelle a Cocardes
Robe en Foulard Imprime
Robe Brodee
Robe en Soie Legere
Peignoir D'ete
Combinaison Chemise-Culotte
Col de Linon Brode
Petite Veste Kimono en Taffetas
Chemise de Loupee
Tablier Jardiniere
Vetement Japonais et Toque en Fourrure
Costume de Chasse
Capeline Dite Charlotte en Pique ou Toile Ancienne Brodee
Chapeau de Taffeta
Le Corset
Capote Pour Bleuette
Pantalon Ferme
Files on CDs are in PDF format and were formatted on a PC. I do not know if customers who own Mac computers can access the files. Please check your computer FIRST before purchasing to see if you are able to access PDF files. I do not offer refunds on CDs.
Please note: You will NOT be receiving a printout of the patterns - just the CD.

11" Bleuette/Daiseyette Doll Patterns on CD

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