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Article published in 2007 regarding original doll pattern desigs

I started my sewing career when I was just 12 years old. It was my first year of Home Economics and after our first sewing project, I was hooked. A girlfriend and I wanted matching “shifts” so she purchased a pattern and we took turns using it. I would awaken early in the morning, before everyone else, and while sitting in bed, hand stitch my shift, unbeknownst to the rest of the family.  During my high school years, and after four years of Home Economics, I was sewing school clothes, and even sold some to my friends. Fast forward 15 years to the Cabbage Patch craze.  I made a look-a-like doll for my daughter, and so began The Classy Kid Collection, comprised of approximately 500 soft-sculpture dolls and complete outfits, sold at craft fairs throughout California.  Then I started sewing and selling doll clothing on Ebay.  After numerous inquiries regarding patterns for the outfits, I decided to draft and sell patterns for dolls with little to none commercially available. Macielle Petite Creations was born, with over 300 original designs in my collection for various modern and vintage dolls, including Bratz, Sasha, Saucy Walker, Terri Lee, Patti Playpal, Bitty Bethany, Riley, Betsy McCall, Magic Attic, and others. When asked what was my favorite project, I reply it is drafting patterns from the original outfits the doll came in or was sold separately for them. I scour over pictures in doll magazines and books to try and get every detail exactly right.  It is always exciting starting a new project, and I never know what the next one will be......

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