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The Classy Kid Collection is proud to offer you a set of custom doll clothing patterns designed specifically for the Whimsie doll.  They were taken from the actual outfits the dolls came in. The original outfits were poorly made, so this is a good way to replace them with new outfits that will last.

Each pattern is complete with step by step directions. You will also receive a photo of all ten outfits, as shown.


The patterns included are:

Lena the Cleaner

Bessie the Bashful Bride

Zack the Sack

Raggie the Muffin (also known as Hilda the Hillbilly)

Simon the Degree

Susie Snoozer

Tillie the Talker

Zero the Hero

Fanny the Fallen Angel

Dixie the Pixie


These dolls were manufactured by the American Doll & Toy Corporation in 1960 and 1961. They were the sassiest, silliest, most appealing little people ever created. Each wacky Whimsie measures between 23" and 25". All have naughty impish, snub-nosed faces, with open or closed eyes, crazy hair and crazier costumes! They were made of stuffed vinyl with jointed legs. Originally sold from$5.98 to $7.98.

Customers are given permission to sell completed outfits only (but not the copyrighted patterns).





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