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"Dolls for Little Mothers Sewing School" 1910 German Patterns - 8 Sets


Set of patterns made in Germany in 1910 for the 11.42" dolls. The patterns are calculated without seam allowance, so they can be used for 9" dolls as drawn, without adding seam allowance. They were originally drawn by Agnes Lucas. The title of the pattens is translated to "Dolls for Little Mother's Sewing School." Included are eight pattern sets for the following outfits:

Set 1 - Little nightgown, little lace bonnet, little loose dress

Set 2 - Little petticoat, little undergarment, shoes, stockings, pants, dress

Set 3 - Sailor suit, little dress, sailor cap, "Helogland" hat

Set 4 - Dress with blouse top, apron, loose apron

Set 5 - Blouse, little lace hat, skirt, jacket

Set 6 - Raincoat, "capote" hat

Set 7 - Loose coat, apron

Set 8 - "Wing" vest, first-born jacket, bibs, long clothes, cushion


Patterns are printed in German, but an English translation of the pattern pieces is included. No actual sewing instructions were provided with these patterns, but anyone that is familiar with doll clothes construction can sew these garments.

Agnes Lucas German

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