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These set of patterns were shown in the 1911 Ladies Home Journal with the promotion of Daisy the Doll that Came to Life, and printed by The Home Pattern Company. The advertisement states "Any little girl may now have the real daisy for her very own. Thousands of the dolls, fresh from the German villages where they are made, are now in the Journal's offices ready for immediate shipment." 

There were five such promotions altogether. This listing is for a copy of all five pattern sets.

Each pattern set includes a color copy of the paper doll page showing the outfits, a copy of the original cover sleeve and the pattern pieces for the outfits listed.


Please note:  The first set of patterns issued DID NOT include the dress that Daisy is wearing in the first photo (large picture in middle), as that was her original outfit that she came in, however, it does include petticoat, underwaist and drawers patterns, not shown.

Complete 5 Pattern Sets

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