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The Classy Kid Collection (previously Quality Vintage Doll Patterns) is proud to offer you a set of patterns made for the 18" Miss Seventeen Fashion Doll. These are my renditions of the outfits that were available for this doll.  Included are twelve patterns for the following fashions: 

Lingerie (panties, bra)

Lovely Night (Peignoir)

American A La Mode (Full Skirt, Tie Belt, Shopping Purse)

Rage of Paris (Dress, Turban)

Turnabout (Dress, Turban, Purse, Cape)

On The Town (Dress, Long Cape, Evening Bag)

Wedding Belles Bride (Dress, Veil, Bouquet, Underwear)

Wedding Belles Bridesmaid (Dress, Hat, Underwear, bouquet)

Champaign Waltz (Dress)

Beach Bait (Bathing Suit, Skirt, Beach Bag)

Matinee (Dress, Overskirt, Muff, Hat)

Date at the Plaza (Velvet Swing Coat, Skirt and Blouse, Hat, Muff)

St. Moritz (Turtleneck and Pants, Ski Jacket, Mittens)


Miss Seventeen looks very much like the first Barbie doll. She arrived in her black cotton knit one-piece swimsuit with her competition ribbon across her chest, wearing a lined satin cape, molded golden plastic crown, and packed with a folder illustrating her extensive, designer-look wardrobe. 

These patterns may be used to develop fashions for various other types of fashion dolls of this size, such as, Miss Revlon, Kitty Collier, etc. Also included is a full page color photo of the brochure included with each doll showing all the available outfits, listed above.

These are of my own personal patterns that I developed and cannot be duplicated. Permission is given to sell the completed outfits, but not for the reproduction of the patterns in any way.

Miss Seventeen 18" Patterns

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