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Here is a professionally duplicated copy of a booklet called Dollys Dressmaker published in 1896. 

It includes patterns for the following clothing: Apron, Mantle Skirt for Blouse, Blouse, Cape, Frock with Yoke and Mantle with Yoke, fur cap, Little Jacket. It states that these patterns fit a 9" doll.


It begins with: "This Book will show you how to make new dresses for your dear Dolly, so you will now have something to do on a rainy day, and Dolly will always look lovely."


Included are color front of the booklet, and the three color plates showing three dolls and their clothing printed on one sheet. They also show extra items not included in the patterns, i.e, shoes, gloves, stockings, etc. A nice reference for accessorizing your doll. You could also cut them out and use them for paper dolls for your doll!

Dolly's Dressmaker 9"

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