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We are proud to offer you our own formulated cleaner made especially for cleaning dolls, from modern to vintage. We have been using this for years on our dolls. You will be receiving a 6 ounce jar.

This waterless, greaseless cleaner will remove glue, grease, grime, tar and ink and more. It works great on hard plastic, composition, bisque, vinyl, ceramic, etc.


I have shown how it is used to clean Saucy Walker shoes. I received a pair in very bad condition, and cleaned one, leaving the other unchanged so you can see the difference. I then cleaned half of the unchanged one, also showing the difference. I also cleaned one-half of Saucy's face.
Not only does it clean these surfaces, it also conditions and protects your doll. This is especially helpful for composition dolls. NEVER use water on composition - this really works!


This cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable. Full use instructions are included.

Dream Clean Doll Cleaner

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