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Here we offer you nine Ginny booklets. They are all different and originally printed in the 1950s. I would imagine they would fit the Alexanderkins also or any other 7-8" chubby dolls. Clothing patterns included are:


Book 1: Sundress, apron, playsuit, evening dress, nightgown, snowsuit, cap, petticoat, panties, shoes and socks.
Book 2: Petticoat, panties, peddle pushers, blouse, housecoat, nightgown, short, halter, and long or short dress.
Book 3: Panties, slip, long dress, short dress with collar, jacket, and hat.
Book 4: Skirt and bolero, blouse, princess dress, dress, pajamas, panties, petticoat.
Book 5: Sundress, bolero, evening gown, coat, ballet costume (pants and dress), slip and panties, shoes and socks.
Book 6: School dress, panties, slip, middy blouse, pleated skirt, coat, robe, pajamas, slacks, jacket, nightie, party dress, and shoes
Book 7: Knitted skirt, shorts, sweater, cap and mitten skating set; a crocheted dress and hat; a sewn petticoat and blouse.
Book 8: Panties, nightie, crinoline, school dress, middy blouse, pleated skirt, robe, coat, slacks, pajama pants, pajama top and jacket, nightie, party dress and shoes.
Book 9: Panties, petticoat, polka-dot dress, robe, coat, hat, flare-skirt, nightgown, and drawstring blouse.


These are nine DIFFERENT patterns sets, with all different outfits - over 70 pages! You will also be receiving my sewing tips for dolls.


I am offering nine sets in a PDF file on a CD so you can print them on your computer. Print only what you need - let's save the trees! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is offered free on their site, and a link will be provided.

Ginny Doll Patterns on CD

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