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We are offering this 1913 book, called The Mary Frances Sewing Book, or Adventures Among the Thimble People by Jane Eayre Fryer on CD. Complete charming story, along with instructions for making various pieces of clothing, are given in the book. Also included are a set of patterns printed on 11" by 17" white paper. Instructions are also printed on paper. I have shown the Index indicating the various different pieces of clothing, and what is included in the book.


The clothing consists of: laundry bag, embroidered apron, hem-stitched handkerchief, nightgown, the bath-robe, kimono, dressing-sack, pinafore, morning dress, flannel petticoat, underwaist, lawn petticoat, drawers, rompers, bloomers, leggings, fur-lined cape, afternoon dress, guimpe, party dress, automobile coat, automobile bonnet, bathing sit, fur muff and tippet, sun bonnet, work bag, rain coat, polo cap, wedding dress.


If you think this book, written in the Edwardian era, would probably be too hard or full of too many confusing terms for a child, think again! The projects are direct, simple, fast, and most of all, fun. With parental assistance, young children could easily work through this book, and very young children could enjoy the story by itself without even doing the projects. The doll patterns are charming and work up quickly, the style simple and straightforward, and the little story about the "Timble People" is simply adorable.


I am also including My Tips and Tricks for Sewing Doll Clothing, and instructions on how to resize doll patterns, so you can adjust these patterns for different size dolls.

Mary Frances Sewing Book on CD

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