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A very unique set of patterns printed in 1956 by Woman's Day. This shows how you can make various sizes of doll clothing using the assembly-line method for selling at bazaars.


The dolls featured are baby dolls (Betsy Wetsy, Tiny Tears, Dy-dee) in sizes 11", 13", 16" and 20"; miniature dolls (Ginny, Alexanderkins) in 7-1/2" to 8"; Girl Dolls (Toni, Betsy McCall, Sweet Sue, etc.) in sizes 14", 16", 19" and 21"; and Toddler Dolls (Saucy Walker, Bonnie Braids, etc.) in sizes 14", 17" and 23".


There are 12 FULL SIZE PATTERNS in all! This is an invaluable item for anyone that sews for these popular dolls. It also states "Clothes will fit any doll of same general type 1/2" taller or shorter than sizes given."

Master Pattern Set

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