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Here we offer you a repair kit for the Saucy Walker and Posie dolls. Included are step-by-step instructions on how to make basic repairs to your beloved doll(s).  In this kit you will receive:

Saucy Walker & Posie Repair Guide
28 page illustrated guide on basic repairs of Saucy Walker and Posie dolls. Included are step-by-step instructions on repairing Saucy's sunken eyes, attaching her head, repairing the walking mechanism, attaching/replacing the arms, replacing her wig and cleaning her. There is also a list of supplies needed. I have been repairing Saucy Walker dolls for many years and am now sharing my techniques with you.
Walking Dolls Instruction Repair Guide
40 page illustrated guide on repairing 14 types of dolls, including Saucy Walker and Posie. This was originally published by a large doll hospital and includes detailed diagrams for repairing vintage walking dolls.
1 Ounce Jar of Dream Clean™ Doll Cleaner
This waterless cleaner will remove glue, grease, grime, tar and ink and more. It also conditions and protects your doll. Biodegradable and nontoxic. Containers may vary.


1 Ounce Jar of Dream Clean eXtra™ Doll Cleaner

This is our newest cleaner and the first time offered. This waterless cream contains cosmetic grade micro beads that is used for getting those hard to clean areas, yet is gentle to your doll and will not scratch her. It is when you need a little "extra" help, and cleans the dirt from scratches and cracks. When these surfaces are clean, the scratches are not as noticeable. A little goes a long way. Containers  may vary.


4 Bands for Attaching Arms

You will receive four latex bands for attaching the arms, enough for repairing four dolls.


4 Bands for Attaching Heads

You will receive 8 latex bands for attaching the head; I use two for each doll, so you will have enough for repairing four dolls.


4 S-Hooks

You will receive four S-Hooks for attaching the bands to the head, enough for four dolls.


Reproduction Saucy Walker Doll Hang Tag

And last, but not least, you will receive a reproduction Saucy Walker hang tag to complete her when she has been repaired.

This is the most comprehensive kit ever offered for repairing Saucy Walker dolls.

Saucy Walker Repair Kit

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